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Canaan strives to follow wherever God is working.  Ministries have changed through the seasons of need and opportunity.  Currently, here are some of the areas in which Canaan is ministering.

Global Missions/ Local Outreach

Go into all the world, from where you are to the ends of the earth.  Make disciples and baptize them in the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  That is the core of missions, and the motive for local outreach.

Canaan's main missions focus is through the CMA, you can find out more about them here.

RoboGenesis / STEM Youth Group

Today people assume science and religion are at war with each other, but history proves this  couldn’t further  from the truth. Most of the greatest scientists of all time (Nicolaus Copernicus, Sir Isaac Newton, Blasé Pascal and Robert Boyle just to name a few)  were devout Christians. In fact early scientists began looking for order in the universe because they believed it was created by an intelligent orderly God. Let us not foolishly exchange the worship of creation for worship of the creator (Romans 1:23). Come join us as we seek answers in creation.

Community Food Pantry

Our food pantry is always well stocked and always ready to serve. We are open every third Saturday for walk in patrons but we can always make an appointment to meet you at the church with 24 hours notice. We also have a Blessings Box located just outside our door stocked with staples for anyone in need 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Worship Ministry

Worship music speaks good theology and ushers people into the presence of Christ.  Our Praise team strives to do both with quality music and praise.

Care Callers

The church is about connection, it is easy to lose connection when people from fellowship for any reason.  Care callers is one way we safeguard each other from  the distractions and challenges of life.

Connection Groups

Sunday morning is great!! But there's a whole lot deeper you can go... Come and learn about the joy of living a Christ centered life with others Christian just like you. Curranty we have 2 groups up and running, The Schubert Group on Thursdays 7 pm. and  another meeting at Blessings Farm Fridays at 7 pm. Come on out and give it a try. After the last year I think we all need a little fellowship right now, don't you?

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